Overwatch-Zenyatta for a week

Zenyatta is a support character that launches destructive energy orbs, orbs of Discord and orbs of Harmony. the Destructive energy orbs deal damage, the Discord and Harmony orbs are homing projectiles that can be attached on characters. Discord orbs when placed on an opponent amplifies damage done to them by 25%. Harmony orbs heal teammates when placed on them, until they are fully healed then it returns. Only one teammate can hold the Harmony orb and only one opponent can hold the Discord orb at time. Zenyatta’s ultimate ability puts him in a transcendent state that makes him invincible and heals nearby allies.

Zenyatta is a very powerful and can do a lot of damage for a support, his destructive orbs can be launched one at a time or in volley of up to 5 orbs depending on how long you charge it. calling out your discord orbs so that your teammates can target them killing them faster is very important. be quick sending out your harmony orbs.

Zenyatta is a fun character to play that does a decent amount of damage and heals teammates. his ultimate ability is a game changer can be the difference between a win or loss. you can play him aggressive like a DPS but I like to stay back and call out discords and healing teammates.

Overwatch- Winston for a week

Winston is one of my favorite characters and can be played just like Wrecking ball. He uses a Tesla gun that can hit multiple targets in close range and can deploy a dome shield. Winston’s jet pack helps you rush your opponents, damages enemies nearby when landing and can also be combined with a melee attack for extra damage.

With Winston you must choose your targets carefully and make taking down supports a priority. I didn’t have too much trouble going against many characters, but reaper and bastion just destroyed me. Hanzo and Widowmaker if they’re accurate. If you manage to move in and out of your dome shield dodging attacks you can win most of your battles. primal rage gives Winston extra health and gives you the ability knocks enemies back. I like to use it to knock enemies off the map.

Overall Winston is a real fun character to play, you must know where health packs are at to plan dive attacks. Be able to jetpack in and out of battles and dancing around your dome shield to avoid getting hit. Go after low health targets preferably support, avoid reaper, bastion and other tanks. 

Overwatch- Wrecking Ball for a week

Wrecking ball was a tough character for me because I didn’t really understand what I was supposed to do. I wasn’t taking advantage of his speed or his pile driver. I wanted to stand in front of the enemies and battle it out. so, I went to the Facebook groups to ask questions and I found out that to be a good Hammond you must roll, use grappling hook, pile driver and repeat. use the speed to get the support and use the grapple hook to build speed and knock tanks back. in some maps it’s easier to knock enemies off the map than engage in a gun battle.

Hammond’s ultimate ability Mine Field is effective when you follow it with a pile driver. the pile driver elevates the enemies and it gives the mine field time to activate. you can grappler around a payload or on to something in the point to secure it. Hammond is good flanking the enemies and separating them allowing your team to capitalize. Once I got the hang of playing Hammond it was fun.

Overwatch- TorbJörn for a week

TorbJörn is a damage character that can deploy an auto aim turret. His rivet gun can fire 2 different projectiles. A long-range projectile that arches down. So, you must aim a little higher to hit your target. He can also fire a short-range shotgun out of his rivet gun. It has a star like spread and its only effective in short range because of how fast the spread widens out. Torb has a hammer that he uses to repair his turret and he can also do melee attacks with. Torb’s ultimate creates a pool of molten slag that damages anyone that touches it.

I had fun playing with Torb. He does a lot of damage and his turret takes care of business. A well-placed turret can do a lot of damage specially if the other team isn’t shooting it down. I usually deploy it on higher places or behind a tank. Torb’s rivet gun took a little while to get use to because the way the projectiles arch down, it takes a little adjusting. The farther you’re trying to shoot the higher you must aim up. His overload ability gives him extra armor, more speed and stronger attacks, Perfect for taking down enemies.


Archero is shooter game for Android and IOS published by HABBY. You Play as an archer and the goal is to take out monsters and get to the mini bosses. Your character can have different attachments and use different projectiles. You can also level up to unlock different skills that allow you to shoot different elemental projectiles, increase attributes or shoot multiple projectiles. You must clear out all the stages before you move on to the next chapter, if you die you start over. It’s extremely addicting and fun, the game is fast pace and very entertaining.

Overwatch-Bastion for a week

For this week I decided to play bastion, he is also a damage character. His primary is accurate if you burst fire, making it possible to land multiple headshots and doing lots of damage. He also can repair himself and reconfigure into a sentry.

In recon (his primary gun) he is effective medium to long range, if you fire in bursts and avoid holding the fire button for too long. In sentry he is super effective medium to short range and laying down suppressive fire. His ultimate ability reconfigures bastion into a tank that launches rockets that does a lot of damage.

I really enjoyed playing as bastion, he comes in handy if you find a good place to use your sentry. I used him to run around taking down supports. When I was near tanks and shields, I used his sentry configuration. The ability to repair yourself comes in handy so that you aren’t dependent on any healers and his ultimate is strong if you’re accurate, its fire rate is slow so don’t just run into battle.

Overwatch- Hanzo for a week


So, in my Overwatch binge, I’ve been trying to get better with other characters to get away from my main, which is Reinhardt. I started playing with Hanzo and it got interesting. I was more used to playing with a slower character that had a shield and a lot of health and Hanzo is the total opposite.


Something I learned quickly was that I just can’t run in front of the enemies. Hanzo doesn’t have much health. He does a decent amount of damage, but he shoots slow, unless you use his ability to rapid fire arrows. I like to save that ability to take down tanks and it takes a little while to recharge. He can also climb walls so that you can get height advantage on other players. He has the ability to dash in the middle of the air. That’s useful for getting away from the battle and it can help you dodge attacks. Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow gives you the ability to see enemies behind cover and his Dragonstrike can wipe out the entire team and it goes through walls.


I really enjoyed playing Hanzo. He can be deadly if you hit your shots and aim for the head. I don’t think I would use him in competitive play, but he is fun to play in quick play or arcade.

Clash of Clans-Attacking in the early levels

Depending on what it is yours trying to do whether you’re attacking for war, attacking for loot or trying to get higher in the league you need to attack smart. Always go into battle with a full camp and Clan Castle, always remember to bait out the enemy’s Clan Castle so that you don’t get any nasty surprises and drop your troops wisely. Not all troops are the same and some troops have a lot more health than others.

To have a successful attack you must be mindful of the enemy’s defenses and which ones do the most damage. The last thing you want is to drop a bunch of troops and they get destroyed by a Mortar. You need to send out your tanks ( Troops with a lot of health points) first, Giants are the best ones at the early levels and they target defenses, then you send out  you’re Wall Breakers to breach the walls , barbarians and archers to destroy everything else. If you’re like me and like to watch goblins destroy things add a couple goblins.

My village for this blog is at level 4 and I just unlocked balloons they come in handy because at this level most bases only have 1 Air Defense. Unfortunately, you don’t always get matched with others at your level and when you do sometimes, they have strong clan troops so plan your attacks accordingly.

Clash of Clans- Road to Builder Base

Before you can access the Builder base you have to get your Town Hall to level 4, so that it can allow you to repair the ship. Don’t panic and don’t rush, remember slow and steady wins the race.

Town Hall Lvl: 1

Gold Mine: 1

Gold Storage: 1

Elixir Pump: 1

Elixir Storage: 1

Cannon: 1

Barracks: 1

Army Camps: 1

Builder Huts: 1

Walls: 0

Town Hall Lvl:2

Gold Mine:2

Gold Storage:1

Elixir Pump:2

Elixir Storage:1


Archer Tower:1


Army Camps:1

Builder Huts:2


The first two Town Hall levels are easy. Avoid using any of your gems.You are going to need them to buy your builders. It’s easy to get carried away gemming things because you don’t want to wait for troops or you want to finish of a building in progress and it’s only a few gems, don’t!! Every gem counts. The sooner you get the builders the faster you can progress.

Town Hall Lvl:3

Clan Castle Lvl: 1

Laboratory Lvl: 1

Gold Mine: 3

Gold Storage: 2

Elixir Pump: 3

Elixir Storage: 2

Cannon: 2

Archer Tower: 1

Mortar: 1

Barracks: 2

Army Camps: 2

Builder Huts: 2

Walls: 50 

In Town Hall 3 you can gather enough gold to repair the Clan Castle. Look for a clan with active members, check if they’re donating and how many of them are online constantly, odds are the leader and the coleaders stay active, request often and donate so that they see that you’re active. Be mindful of what they’re are requesting and if it’s for war let the higher-level clan members donate, last thing you want is for your clan mate to fail the attack because you donated weak troops.

 by now your shield from the beginning of the game should have expired and odds are other players are coming for your loot, remember to keep troops in your Clan castle so that they can defend you and help you keep your loot. they also help a lot when you are attacking other villages.

Town Hall Lvl:4

Clan Castle Lvl:2

Laboratory Lvl:2

Gold Mine:4

Gold Storage:2

Elixir Pump:4

Elixir Storage:2


Archer Tower:2


Air Defense:1


Army Camps:2

Builder Huts:3


In Town Hall 4 we are finally able to repair the ship that takes us to our builder base. We are also introduced to the balloon troop, little balloons that target defenses. we also get more resource collectors, defenses and walls.

By now if you have been attacking and cleaning up your base you should have your third builder. I usually like to have my builders working on the new buildings so that everything gets to the same level and then go on from there, always leaving one builder free for my walls. And finally, the moment we been waiting for!!

Borderlands 3- Gameplay Reveal

Gearbox revealed gameplay for Borderlands 3 and I have to say I am in love! I’ve enjoyed the series so much and would totally say I’m a fan boy. Borderlands has made a lot of good changes. The graphics are amazing without loosing that borderlands feel. I’ve met people that didn’t give borderlands a chance because they thought it was too cartoon like which has now changed. The way weapons work has also changed. Some weapons deploy shields while others change the projectile you shoot. Gearbox has now called it shooting alternative mode. The way your character moves has also changed, they added sliding so you can run and slide under things. If you don’t want to lose momentum, you can also jump and mantle over things. You can also revive NPCs(non playable characters) and they can revive you.

Gearbox started the reveal with Amara the siren meeting Claptrap and teaching the fundamentals of the game. It then leads you to your first gun and they also introduce the alternative fire mode. The gun they give you is a pistol that shoots regular bullets. The alternative shooting mode has the same gun shooting micro rockets. During the first  few battles they show off the degrading cover (something like Battlefield). Body parts are flying from the enemies you killed and now have ability to push around barrels with melee attacks so that you can shoot them near the enemies causing them to explode. Then they introduce the first mini boss named Shiv and he brings a knife to a gun fight.

In co-op they introduce a new character named Zane and new optional mode called loot instance and it allows each player to get their own instance of loot, it balances all the loot and enemies. So, if someone is at a higher level they will battle enemies and fight enemies at that level so that no one is overpowered. If you want to bring overpowered characters then  you can play classic mode and it will be like all the other Borderlands.

They also displayed Theodore guns during the co-op section. Not only do they explode when you throw them but they also have special abilities. They can bounce around until they hit something or explode into little homing rockets. They also battle another mini boss named Mouthpiece and after they defeat him they show how they were able to pick up the gun the boss was using on you.

They also introduce Troy and Tyrene Calypso “The Calypso Twins” , and Sanctuary III. Sanctuary III is a space ship the characters use as the home base and you’re able to decorate your room with things you find in the maps. Lastly, you can travel to Pandora (Borderlands 1 and 2 map) and Promethea (The Pre Sequel map).

To summarize the reveal, we are going to get 4 new characters with 3 totally different skill tree such as guns with shooting alternative mode, Radiation (a new elemental effect), loot instancing, the largest map in Borderlands history with a lot more bosses and AMAZING LOOT!!!!!!

Borderlands 3 is Expected to be released on September 13, 2019